how to buil a highbanker

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Designing the ultimate highbanker became my passion and a mission I was determined to complete Now several years later here we are Our new highbanker has achieved superior results recovering fine micron gold and flakes up to 1/8 of an inch in size based on current screen size

Convert to Dredge Gold HighBanker

Convert to Dredge Yes the unit can be converted to a dredge We will have a new video up within the next few weeks However it can run as a 2″ dredge or ″ If running as a 2″ an adapter fitting will fit through the main rear hole with a LITTLE sanding It is exactly 2″ and needs a touch of reduction


This highbanker has a adjustable hopper made from special plastic polymers that will keep it looking new for years it features a wrap around 1 spray bar with removable grizzly bars and the sluice box is mounted on our sturdy stand with adjustable legs for uneven terrain Sluice box dimensions are 48 L

Large Gold Pan The Hog Pan

The HOGPAN Patent Pending The first hybrid gold pan / highbanker that is still a gold pan but increases production up to 10 fold Now prospectors can REALLY get good gold from areas with restrictions on equipment Self classifying fluidized lower capture chamber GOLDHOG piece of equipment Process 30 buckets an hour

Tips for Running Mini Gold Highbanker

Mini Gold Highbanker Tips and set up Always do a DRY RUN at home BEFORE going to the field Hook up everything and PRETEND you re at the creek This will show you what you re MISSING and what s not working Do not run your pump dry for more than 15 30 seconds if you do start it

Gold HighBanker Gold highbanker

The Raptor flare can easily run a 5 gallon bucket every 30 seconds That s about 120 buckets and hour or about tons or 3 yards Time and time again we have tested this unit with VERY controlled tests and it always runs at 98% capture rate down to 100 mesh gold See more HERE

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How I built a recirculating sluice or highbanker The evolution of the design from initial idea and crude prototypes to a finished unit that works great in the field It is built from inexpensive and easy to obtain materials Just about anyone could build one and start getting gold Click the photo to see more

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High Banker MIni Califoria River Sluice with PUMP by Geo Sluice Mining $ Free shipping 24 SLUICE BOX THE ORIGINAL CLIP ON RECIRCULATING HIGHBANKER HEADERBOX COMBO $ 11 watching SE 50 Folding Aluminum Sluice Box Portable Gold Panning Prospecting Dredging $

Permits for running a highbanker Do you need one

02/08/2022 · So this begs the question of whether or not one can run a highbanker or powersluice on their claim or as a part of a gold club association or organization in the State of California The Government would have you believe you must submit a plan of operation in excruciating detail of exactly what you are going to do on your claim

Built A Second Highbanker For Getting Flour Gold

06/07/2022 · I decided to have a hopper built for it and flange removed I now have 2 highbankers On those times when I have a whole day to sluice I will use both When I run out of gravel in close proximity to shovel into highbanker #1 I will just hook up the pump hose to highbanker #2 which will already be set up in a different location ready to go

Finally figured out how to properly use my sluice Nothing

I ve just finished piecing together a highbanker out of a few different bits different sluice brands combined below the grisly bars and just before the mats is a safe zone sort of only light material can get out I ve checked several times and not loosing any gold out the end of the highbanker but I d say roughly 95% of the gold is getting

Proline Mining Equipment/Dredge Highbanker Combo inch

All Proline dredge/high banker combos are popular with prospectors who are looking for maximum versatility in a well built proven design If the 2 combo isn t up to your needs and if the 3 combo is a little too large then the Proline combo might be the perfect choice Dredge/Highbanker Combo w/Honda GX120 Engine HP200 Pump $3150

Build Your Own Homemade Mining Equipment Gold Panning

28/07/2022 · Build Your own Gold High Banker The highbanker has become a popular piece of prospecting equipment It is really just a sluice box set up to run at a location away from the waters edge A close relation of the dredge and sluice box the highbanker has the advantage of being able to work bench gravels left high and dry by river erosion

Rebel Digger Mini High Banker

04/03/2022 · This small High Banker is relatively easy to build I was able to bend all the pieces using some scrap steel angle bar stock as bending guides in my bench vise I used a rubber hammer to refine the edges If you have access to a brake sheet

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17/06/2022 · Welcome to Gold Rat Highbanker s we are a 100% Australian family owned business We manufacture every single Product right here in Australia with facilities in Ballarat Victoria Redcliffe QLD Why choose a Gold Rat Highbanker My designs are the end result of extensive testing in the field and superior engineering